Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child. 

Classes start each February!

We have children who need sponsors today!!


To attend school in Honduras, a child must have a uniform and all of the necessary supplies: dress shoes, tennis shoes, gym uniform, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, rulers, erasers etc.
To break the cycle of poverty in the country it is important for children to receive an education and rise above the poverty!
Along with your sponsorship providing school supplies,
it also provides the students and their families with occasional food provisions as well. 
Currently, over 60 children are being sponsored by other amazing people just like you!
You can make a difference in a child's life, by assisting the family to provide basic school supplies and create a new generation of educated children! Break the chains of poverty! 
The cost is:
$100 per year for an Elementary School Student  (Kinder- 6th grade)
$175 per year for a High School Student (7th grade-12th grade) 
Administrator of Sponsor Children: Nicole Yelena, email : WNYhondurassponsorchildren@gmail.com
Please click on a child's name below to learn more about them
and to see how to sponsor them today!

 Carol Yasmin Bautista Amaya, Sponsored

 NEEDS A SPONSOR Jesus Alberto Escobar Marquez

 Suyapa Nolasca Evnandes SPONSORED

 Hermon Martinez Martinez SPONSORED

 Karen Gissel Pineda Mejia SPONSORED

 Elvia Carolina Reyes SPONSORED

 Yorleni Sarai Reyes SPONSORED

 Brenda Sorto Reyes SPONSORED

 Maria Jose Sanchez Alfar SPONSORED

 Heydy Yaquelin Vazquez Dominguez SPONSORED

 Elvis Dominguez SPONSORED

 Yamie Valeria Medina Castillo SPONSORED

 Denis Isac Castillo Simeón SPONSORED

 Axel Castillo SPONSORED

 Gerson Castillo SPONSORED

 Edgar Castillo SPONSORED

 Angél Joseph García Castillo SPONSORED

 Reina Marisol Castillo Pineda SPONSORED

 Nelsy Gabriela Lopez Castillo SPONSORED

 Angie Michel Lopez Castillo Sponsored

 Cynthia Maribel Rodriguez Inestreaza SPONSORED

 Witman Neymar Ramos Cantarero SPONSORED

 Oliver Jair Ramos Cantarero SPONSORED

 Lester Adonis Mejía Cantarero SPONSORED

 Enoc Jafet Gonzales SPONSORED

 Erick Noel Cantarero Guillen SPONSORED

 Gabriella Cantarero Guillen SPONSORED

 Leila Cantarero Guillen SPONSORED

 Denis Samuel Manria Molina SPONSORED

 Genesis Victoria Molina SPONSORED

 Rosa Isabel Gonzales SPONSORED

 Maria Isabel Gonzales SPONSORED

 Sandi Siamara Torres SPONSORED

 Saraí Siamara Torres SPONSORED

 Gerson Ramires Manta SPONOSRED

 Dixo-Omar Ramira Manta SPONSERED

 Ingris Yanori Zuniga Paz SPONSORED

 Ana Elizabet Dominguez Hernandez SPONSORED

 Josue Bautista SPONSORED

 Emmanuel Bautista Amaya SPONSORED

 Elmer José Zúniga SPONSORED

 Cristian Perdomo SPONORED

 Erick Gillermo Amaya Dominguez SPONSORED

 Rut Nohemi Dominguez Amaya SPONSORED

 Jostin Hernandez SPONSORED

 Graciela Dominguez SPONSORED

 Katy Dominguez SPONSORED

 Sergio Isaac Ponce Marquez SPONSORED

 Edi Rene Sanchez SPONSORED

 Gerson Daniel Sanchez SPONSORED

 Ingris Abigail Sanchez SPONSORED

 Wilmer David Canales SPONSORED

 Cristian Emanuel Canales Hernandez SPONSORED

 Jacobo Euceda SPONSORED

 Dixon Edgardo Hernandez SPONSORED

  July 2021  
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