Please check out our projects below  to see all of the projects that need your assistance.

Often we have people come to us for Medical needs they just can't  aford (Any monetary donations would be appreciated)

School Supplies and Uniforms  shipping these items down costs $25.00 per suitcase 

(Notebooks, pencils, pencil-top erasers, rulers, white blouses and button-down shirts, navy trousers, navy skirts, and white socks ankle length for boys, white knee socks for girls).

Concrete, Water, and Stove Pipes to improve quality of life

$150.00 for Concreting a Floor

$60.00 for Clean Water filter for a household

$15.00 for Stove Pipe and cap

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Hurricane & Mudslide Housing Relief

Education (Honduras)

Building/Outreach (Honduras)

Ministry (Honduras)

Medical Needs (Honduras)

  July 2021  
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